Alexis Davis’ Senior Farewell


Alexis Davis, Staff Writer

     There are only three things that have stayed the same during my four years of high school: Taylor Swift being my most-played artist, my ability to get ready for school in less than ten minutes, and the belief that life experiences shape who you are, but never define you. 

     Writing an end to my senior year while sitting next to the same girl who I sat next to in my sixth-grade math class, because we had the same last name, is not how I imagined the end of my senior year. Throughout high school, I have had so many people go in and out of my life, each one teaching me a different lesson, this friend has taught me that a true friend will always listen to your stories, no matter how many times you retell it. If I had to tell my freshmen-self one thing, it would be to build relationships no matter how it might end. This year I have met some of my best friends through newspaper. Even though I am saddened by us ending up in five different states for college, I could not be more proud and thankful for them. Our movie theater trips, first-period talks, and dinner runs will always hold such an important place in my heart. Through these people, I have learned that the bad has to happen before the good can come. These people came into my life at a time when I truly needed some best friends, and I know that even through college we will still be there for each other when it matters the most.

     One of the biggest parts of my high school career has been my time working at  Dutch Bros. Working there taught me that the of cost a win should never outweigh your morals and that you can make a change and be a good leader regardless of age. The people who have worked there with me have become a second family, and always remind me that being who you want to be is more important than who the world wants you to be and I thank them for that. The free coffee during the school year was also a  plus. 

     For college I am moving to Orlando, to go to the University of Central Florida to pursue a political science degree with a focus in pre-law. Up until two years ago, I wanted to be a chef, although I love cooking, my true passion lies within making a difference in the world. By going into law, I have the amazing chance to help those who need it. I am so excited to get a fresh start in college with the knowledge I have now and cannot wait for the next four years. Charge on Knights!

     With moving so far away, one of the things I will miss the most will be my brother. He is going to kill me when he learns I am writing anything about him, but that’s what he gets for all the years of making me mad. Having a brother the grade below you is not ideal, but when everyone told us that once we got older we wouldn’t hate each other, I wouldn’t have believed it to be true. The longest I have lived without him has been 11 months, and that was because he hadn’t been born yet, going to college without him is going to be an adjustment. I am going to miss our late-night food runs, screaming fights over who took the last slice of cake and explaining to people how I am in fact older than him, even though I am a foot shorter than him. 

     To those entering their final year at Plano Senior, I would tell you to enjoy the little things because it goes faster than you think. I remember entering my senior year thinking I had all the time in the world to accomplish what I wanted, but it goes by in a blink of an eye. So don’t be afraid to ask out that person you want to, to start a conversation with the person sitting next to you, or to be yourself; because there is not enough time in high school to be thinking about what if’s. As excited as I am for the future I am glad to know I can look back at high school knowing that I ended up getting to be exactly who elementary school Alexis wanted to be. 

     In the wise words of Taylor Swift, I leave you with this:

    “Long live all the magic we made”