Carson Browning’s Senior Farewell


Carson Browning, Staff Writer

     In less than two weeks, I will leave Plano Senior for the last time. As I reflect on the realism of that statement, I realize how much time I’ve spent as a wildcat and how much more time I spent in my life wanting so desperately to be a Wildcat. I have gone to Plano schools since 2010 with Carlisle Elementary. My parents would drive me to Independence every time, and we would pass Plano Senior High School. I always marveled at how big and grand it looked and wanted so badly to be in those halls. 

     Looking back at my 12 years in Plano, I’ve remembered hundreds of memories that will stay with me forever. Recently, I went to my elementary school reunion, and I realized all the people that shaped me into the person I am today: my teachers, my peers and the rest of the faculty. I wonder if I will look back on Plano Senior 10 years from now with the same kinds of memories and thoughts. I hope I can look back and see the impact of my junior and senior years at Plano. I’ve made unforgettable memories at Plano Senior, such as eating lunch outside by the bench with my friends every day. There are also some not-so-amazing memories, like failing my pre-calculus test. No matter what, I know that Plano Senior has prepared me for college and the future

     While I learned math isn’t my strength, I grew in my writing skills and found my love for government- perfect for my future major in political science at the University of Oklahoma. No matter where the future goes, I will always miss the comfortable feeling of Plano. The feeling of having my friends only ten minutes away, knowing where the best coffee shops are and how Sonic’s carhop knows my name. I know that when I have a horrible day, I have friends around me to improve my day. There is the unfamiliarity of going to college, but I’m ready for the next journey. I’m prepared for the change and ready for the excitement. Thank you so much Plano Senior and thank you to the teachers and friends that have inspired me to always reach further.