Drill Team’s Biggest Helpers: The New Faces of Maroon Guard

Jessica Yee, Staff Writer

     They are the ones that will stand on the field when drill team performs. They are the ones that will work with drill team each practice and football game. They are the Maroon Guard.

     “I’m really looking forward to get on the field with the Planoettes during football games,” junior John Kavich said. “I also cannot wait to help with their spring show.”

     Maroon Guard stands to support the Planoettes and help the school cheer with spirit and excitement. They may stand on the sidelines most of the time, but the guard still wants to give it their all.

     “I’m looking forward to running the biggest flag we have on the field,”  junior Hunter Seis said. “My hopes are to become friends with all the girls and becoming even better friends with the other Maroon Guards.”

     This team is consisted of guys that have the potential to keep up with school spirit. Without spirit football games would lose their excitement.

     “I am dedicated and have a great personality,” Kavich said. “The guard is pretty important to the school because we provide school spirit and cheer on the drill team.”

     Aside from helping out the drill team during half time shows and practices, they have their own activities they participate in. The guard also carries a huge Wildcat flag at the football games.
     I feel great knowing that I’ll be running the flag next year,” Seis said. “Being part of such a great tradition is even more awesome. Ha, I actually screamed in the phone when I got the phone call.”
     This team will be involved in hard work, but the amount of work these guys put in will seem worth it to them. There is more to working in this team than all the work. It can be a great experience like other school team activities.
     “Maroon Guard is going to be a lot of fun,” Kavich said. “And I am going to make a lot of friends.”

     The new members of Maroon Guard will be ready to take on the challenges and responsibilities for next year. Being on top of their studies will be one of their priorities on being a member.

     “We are important to the school in building school spirit, and being role models,” Seis said. “Knowing that we have to make good grades to stay in will definitely keep me on my toes. Stay in school and don’t do drugs”