Drenching Efforts: Splash Down Raises Money for Africa

J. P. Salazar, Staff Writer

      A number of students strive to come up with ways to help the local community and the world as a whole, through school run organizations like STUCO. But this was the first time STUCO members had tried to achieve that mission by soaking one another with an arsenal of water balloons. Although being out drenched by the rain, about 25 students showed up to support their efforts.

     “The Blood: Water Mission is something that was started to help get purified drinking water to Africa,” senior Bryna Herskowitz said. “Sometimes in the poor cities and towns in Africa the inhabitants have to walk a ridiculous amount of miles to get something as simple as water which we take for granted.”

     Herskowitz is one of the members of the STUCO community service committee which helped come up with the idea to hold the Water Balloon Splash Down event. Junior, Catherine Edmonson is the other member of the committee who helped organize the event.

     “We pitched it to Student Congress.” Edmonson said. “Right off the bat, we all loved it and everyone was really excited to help bring this idea to life.”

     The creators hoped to add a feeling of unity to the school. Because of this, the event was held during the football bye week at the parking lot, by the gym. Edmonson and Herskowitz felt like those who showed up enjoyed themselves and bonded with one another.

     “Instead of going out to a football game, like many of the students here do, they could have come to get that similar atmosphere and experience at the event,” Herskowitz said.

     Besides being beneficial to the Blood: Water Mission and working on unity, the event also aspired to revitalize students’ views of community service.

     “Community service has been somewhat of a problem as students want to participate in more diverse and appealing volunteering opportunities, and with this event, we hoped to change that student outlook,” Edmonson said.

     The community service branch of Student Congress has other volunteering opportunities similar to this one lined up for the rest of the semester. The services range from cookies for firemen to a food fight that will be held towards the end of the year.

     “We’re looking to have a really active year in the community service committee,” Herskowitz said. “One of my most anticipated upcoming volunteering services include helping Operation Kindness, a no kill shelter for dogs and cats. Also we will be giving cookies to firemen on Thanksgiving, which, I think, is really important to remind them that they are in our thoughts.”

     According to the Blood: Water Mission website, events like these have helped to raise millions. Creative projects that have been brought up by individuals such as Edmonson and Herskowitz have helped training of village leaders in sanitation, eliminate many common sicknesses caused by filthy water, and stop several miles long journeys children and women were forced to make each day.

     “We felt that we accomplished our goals, to some extent, and we would like to thank all of those who showed up to the event and supported the cause of the Blood Water: Mission,” Herskowitz said.