Rivalry Runs Deep…Into the Fountain

Diva Gulati and Meital Boim, Editors

In a display of school spirit, paws were posted around the Plano West fountain and the water was dyed maroon. Although senior high schools have played pranks on each other in the past, school officials say that this may have damaged West’s water guard.

“Some of it’s in good taste,” officer Rick Armor said. “One time the senior high here went over to Plano East and stuck a bunch of its paws around by where you first come up to the school. If you by chance do something like damaging the water guard or spray painting or marking or something that costs money to fix and repair, things get a little out of hand.”

Armor encourages students to submit anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers, for which they may be compensated with cash. He believes, however, that typically, someone takes responsibility for the offense.

“At home if you tell your parents you did something, you’d probably receive less discipline than you would if they investigate and figure it out themselves,” Armor said. “Sometimes courts have been known to be a little more lenient because the person took responsibility.”

Armor expects more than just legal or disciplinary consequences to the prank, though.

“Generally, there’s some kind of [retaliation] that happens, whether it be similar to what happened or a little more subtle, like putting plastic forks all over the place or paws on the corner out by our sign,” Armor said.

To protect students and property, there will be extra patrol, including a lookout for band members’ cars parked at school.

“Hopefully that’ll curb any possible problems,” Armor said