No makeup Mondays


Danielle Deraleau, Featured Columnist

       The idea of No Makeup Mondays originated from an online blog entitled “The Beauty Bean”. The bloggers expressed that they thought the idea of going without makeup for a day could help promote a better body image and inspire more confidence in individuals. The blog has gotten a lot of responses on the idea, some good and some bad.

     “I think it would be a good idea to help boost self confidence, because I think self confidence is really low in a lot of girls,” senior Celia McEwen said. “It could either do nothing at all, or it could make others see themselves differently.”

     The concept of No Makeup Mondays has spread quickly. One school in North Texas has even adopted the idea, making t-shirts to support it and urging all female students to part with their usual makeup on the first day of each school week. Though McEwen likes the idea, she said she doesn’t think it would work here.

     “A lot of girls are self conscious, and they don’t like themselves without makeup,” McEwen said. “I probably wouldn’t participate in it.”

     Counselor Keisha Howard said she thinks that girls and women are under a lot of pressure to look presentable. However, she also thinks the inner beauty of a person is what is most meaningful.

     “The focus should be turned on how many people you help and what kind of grades you’re making rather than what kind of mascara you’re wearing or what color eye shadow you have on,” Howard said.

     Howard said No Makeup Mondays would be a good idea to inspire confidence.

     “I would participate in [No Makeup Mondays]. I think it sends a good message that you should be comfortable in your own skin,” Howard said. “Mondays can be the day that we promote inner beauty.  I love makeup, I sell Mary Kay, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with giving it up on one day to let your inner beauty shine.”

     Senior Helena Ross agrees. She said starting No Makeup Mondays would be fun for the students.

     “Everyone has to do it though, it can’t just be half and half,” Ross said. “I think some people are trying to hide their flaws. I don’t like the way I look without makeup, so some people are probably the same way. But if everyone is doing it, I won’t feel insecure.”

     Ross also thinks that the guys around the school would take notice if No Makeup Mondays began.

     “I know some guys like it when girls don’t wear a ton of makeup, so they’ll probably like it if the girls are not as fake looking,” Ross said.

     Junior Kristian Wang said he also thinks No Makeup Mondays are a good idea. Unlike the girls, he thinks there are other reasons why going without makeup could be beneficial.

     “I think our society tells women who they need to be and what a perfect and ideal woman is and is not,” Wang said. “I don’t think that’s the right way to approach the problem because we’re all humans at the end of the day. I think women should just enjoy who they are and want to be themselves.”

     Wang thinks the idea could work here if the right group of people got together and started the movement. He said NHS should be the ones to initiate the concept.

     “Right now NHS has the biggest influence over people, and they can get the message across,” Wang said. “If one tenth of the population adopts the idea, I think it will spread really fast.”

     No Makeup Mondays are not just for students. The teachers and faculty are encouraged to participate as well. If the idea did come to this campus, though, English teacher Christine O’Connor said she would not be one of them.

     “I couldn’t do it. You know me and my lipstick, I’m always doing lipstick,” O’Connor said. “I’m up in front of a lot of people all day long. I’ve got to look a little more put together.”

     Even though she wouldn’t participate, O’Connor still says it is a good idea for the students.

     “I think that we have a lot of kids who already don’t wear makeup,” O’Connor said.  “I have a lot of student who are confident and they have beautiful coloring. I think I see a lot of teachers without makeup, as well. I think it’s a great idea if you want to participate in it, but it shouldn’t be mandatory.”

     Junior Isabella Burkes said she would be surprised if a lot of students participated in No Makeup Mondays.

     “If a lot of people do it then they have courage. I think a lot of people will be, like, ‘I don’t know if I’m going to be the only one,’” Burkes said. “I don’t think anyone would take notice to it because everybody is just wrapped up in their own thing.”

     The idea of going without makeup can be a little intimidating. Howard said she can see how some girls would feel self conscious.

     “A lot of girls wear makeup to cover up a blemish or a scar and enhance their beauty, so if somebody were to come to school without their makeup on they would feel like all of their scars on imperfections are visible,” Howard said. “But we are a senior high, and everybody should be mature enough to understand the message behind the No Makeup Mondays.”

     Howard has a message that she wants to share with the students.

“I want to say that makeup is cool, but the more important issue is that you should always let your inner glitter shine,” Howard said. “Your personality is more important than your MAC or your Mary Kay.”