Boys soccer coach reaches a milestone


Erin Ball, Staff Writer

Boys soccer head coach Bob Weir received his 500th career win last Friday night against Richardson High School. The administration threw Weir a small celebration party the following Tuesday morning for other staff members to help celebrate the landmark victory. Cake was served, and pictures were taken as many staff members and other athletic coaches came to congratulate Weir.

“We are really proud of him,” Principal Sarah Watkins said. “We always try to highlight impressive faculty members, and we want Coach Weir to feel special.”

A series of games that ended as ties kept Weir from reaching that 500 mark. “I was stuck on 499 for a while,” Weir said.

“It felt like I was one short for a long time, and I just couldn’t wait to get there. The boys really wanted to win it for me. I was impressed with them.”

Monday night, Weir received his 501st victory, by defeating McKinney Boyd.

“Now that we moved past 500, I hope we can keep going strong this season,” Weir said.