Orchestra UIL

Kathleen Shaffer, Staff Writer

Buses will load students on Feb. 29 and March 1 to transport the full orchestra and philharmonic orchestra to Allen High School for the annual UIL competition. During UIL three judges will rate the groups based on three pieces they have prepared and their sight reading performance.

Both orchestras have been preparing the music since the end of the second semester. The full orchestra started preparing its music in Nov. to prepare for the Texas Music Educators Association event.

“We were able to perform and show why we had received an award as the best full orchestra in Texas,” junior Michael Yang said. “We know two of the songs really well because of how long we’ve been playing it, and we’ll be able to play the other one with no problem.”

The full orchestra will be playing two songs they played at the TMEA event as well as another piece to fulfill the requirements for the competition. Although the philharmonic orchestra did not perform for TMEA they have been practicing frequently for UIL.

“The music we play is more difficult than before so we have to work harder,” junior Giulia Romani said. “We’re encouraged to practice every day, I bring my violin home to run through the music and make sure I have everything perfected. Being in orchestra is a bigger commitment and there are higher expectations now.”

On Feb. 16 there was a pre-UIL concert that allowed them to perform their music in front of an audience and receive critique.

“I think we did really well at our concert,” Giulia said. “I know we will do great at UIL, but I’m always a little nervous. The sight reading isn’t too hard because the level of music is easier than what we’ve been playing, but there’s always the possibility for something to go wrong.”

Junior Nivetha Tamilmani, who is also in the Philharmonic orchestra, said that it doesn’t matter how well the orchestra does at the competition as long as they have a good time.

“We’re all a big family and support each other,” Tamilmani said. “As long as everyone tries their best and keeps a good attitude I think we’ll all look at UIL as a success.”