FBLA members to go on to Nationals

Danielle Deraleau, Staff Writer

     Some members of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) club will be going to nationals at San Antonio in July after preforming well at the state competition, which was held March 8-10 in Houston.

     “Due to the fact that I have never been to nationals before, I do not know exactly what it will be like,” senior member Mohit Patel said. “However, I am sure that it will be quite an experience.”

     Some students take tests for these competitions, and others put together presentations or do a combination of both. At state the students are put into groups to compete for the first and second place in their categories in order to qualify for nationals. Patel’s group competed in Entrepreneurship.

     “We had studied for hours so we were well prepared, but after seeing the competition, it was all worth it,” Patel said.

     After winning in the area level tournament, Patel and his group went on to state. Patel said the group had a blast in Houston, but still had to do a lot of hard work. They still competed in Entrepreneurship, and had to solve a business problem and give a presentation on it.

     “We were nervous at first, but without hesitation, began to study,” Patel said. “After taking numerous tests, we got in the room for the test for the State competition, which would play a part in deciding if we made it to nationals or not. After the nerve wracking process, during the awards ceremony, our team was called up on stage and awarded first place. I believe that because of our hard work and determination, we won first place and were given the opportunity to go to nationals.”

     Junior Max Lu was one of the students who stayed behind from state and took a test at the school. Though he didn’t get to go to Houston with the rest of FBLA, Lu still made it to nationals by placing first on the Business Law test. Lu said the 100 question test was not that difficult and that he had all of the materials he needed to study. He will have to pay $100 to register if he chooses to go to nationals, but the rest of the expenses will be covered by the school district.

     “Originally, people were like you should join FBLA because it’s a lot of fun when you get to go to state. And then I didn’t get to go to state,” Lu said. “But I’m looking forward to nationals. I have no idea who else is going, and I need to figure that out, because I have to decide by next week. ”

      There will be many schools going to compete at nationals, and the level of competition is going to be raised.

     “When it gets to the national level you hit the really serious states, and they have people who have studied their whole life for this topic and they’ll destroy you. I heard California is really good.” Lu said.

     Senior Manideep Ravi took the same test last year that Lu took this year. He helped him study for the test. This year,      Ravi went to state to compete in the Management Information Systems event.

     “Last year I was really irked I didn’t get to travel to state. So this time I did a team event, and team events are a lot more fun,” Ravi said. “We picked that one competition because one of our friends runs a company and he’s really experienced with management information systems.”

     Though Ravi’s group placed third and was not eligible for nationals, he said the students that did make it deserved it. He also said he thinks the teams coming from Plano are going to do well.

          Patel and his other two group members, Sheena Chokshi and Priya Dhudshia, are all looking forward to moving on to the next level of the competition. Patel is planning on studying business, and said he felt FBLA and the chance to compete are beneficial for him.

     “I have always loved business, from the aspect of being your own boss to the idea that you run a company and have all the control,” Patel said. “FBLA struck out to me as an organization that could help me both as a way to strengthen my résumé and provide me with connections that I could use in my future. I have always believed in taking the most out of what I am given and am sure that my successes in this organization will help me in my career. Especially at nationals; I will be able to meet with people who are in the field and learn from them.”

     Though he hopes to do well, Patel said he feels like nationals holds many other opportunities besides being a contest.

      “It’s not always just about competing and winning, but rather about building real life connections that will stay with you for the rest of your life,’’ Patel said. “Of course, just like every other competitor at FBLA nationals, I hope to bring back a trophy for myself as well. But I know that I would not just be winning for me, but rather for my team, my school and my state. I hope to get many things out of this experience and put forth my best potential to come back a winner for Plano.”