SING 2012

Jessica Allman, Staff Writer

It all started in elementary school, sitting in his very first music class singing along to the piano with his classmates. In that moment, he realized that he had a genuine interest in music. After joining his middle school choir in sixth grade, he started to become aware of his true talent. Now senior Reid McDuff is continuing to follow his passion for music.

McDuff’s story is similar to the 19 other students in Music Corporation. The preforms their finial concert, SING 2012, on May 3 and 4 at 7:30 p.m.

“The show will be outstanding,” McDuff said. “We have put so much work into it. I can’t wait to hear what my peers think of it.”

This year is the 34th year of Music Corporation and junior Rachel Brooks said the choir hopes to make this year the best yet.

“Rehearsing for the show has been a lot of work,” Brooks said. “It’s all about making sure everyone is prepared.”

The week approaching the show is referred to as “hell week” by the choir. The singers spend the whole week and the weekend working on four dance numbers choreographed by director Shirley Wolfe, and learning the music. The students stay at school rehearsing until 10 p.m., perfecting their dance moves and reciting every line to every song.

“’Hell week’ is extremely tiring,” McDuff said. “It takes a lot out of the group. We have students that are in theater, football, cheer, soccer, tennis and drill team. Everyone gets fatigued.”

Some of the songs the choir will perform include the Glee version of “Firework,” “Beautiful Day” by U2, “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars and an original song written by junior Chavis Hamilton and his father.

“More people will be attracted to the show this year for various reasons,” junior Paul Hainey said. “We have a live band, cool lights, and more popular songs that the audience will know and want to hear.”

McDuff said all the hard work and endless hours of preparation pay off when the students are finally on stage sharing their talent with their peers.

“We really have some ridiculously talented students and performers,” McDuff said. “The concert really showcases that.”

Hainey said by the end of all the rehearsals and performances the Music Corporation group is completely worn out.

“Sure our feet may be hurting a lot from the dance numbers, but we are determined to give a good show,” Hainey said.