Nurse Day

Kathy Santiago, Staff Writer

     Every day nurses have to deal with student’s problems: headaches, stomachaches and the occasional bruise on the heel. On May 9, the nurses had a full day dedicated to their hard work – Nurse Day. No more complaints, thermometers and Band-Aid’s. Instead, the nurses were bombarded with photographers, the ROTC, the Planoettes and the lead actors from Chicago.

     “We wanted to create something special for the nurses,” nurse Pat Fenton said. “Since we come from all over the district, we don’t get to see each other often. Through this celebration, we can come together as a team.”

     As they arrived in the parking lot, cheerleaders welcomed and escorted the nurses to the outdoor area. Banners were displayed on C and E building that said, “We love our school nurses”.  The Music corporation sang, “The Fight song” as the cheerleaders walked with the nurses. The ROTC was lined up, ready to welcome the nurses to the cafeteria, which had a red carpet Hollywood theme. Along the red carpet, Planoettes were aligned on each side, performing a routine as the nurses walked through.

     “We wanted to create a rolling flash mob for the nurses,” Fenton said. “As the journalism students took pictures, we wanted the nurses to feel like superstars.”

     At the end of the red carpet, students from flower arranging class handed each nurse a red rose made out of Hershey’s kisses. To their left, an array of food cooked by the Plano East culinary class was presented. As the nurses ate their dinner, the lead actors from Chicago did a reprise from the. Throughout the whole production, Fenton wanted the nurses to see how much her students had grown over the years.

     “I wanted to show off my big kids,” Fenton said. “The nurses worked with the kids since they were itty-bitty. I wanted them to see the talent that the students excel into. Giving the nurses chance to see the kids become at this level was the purpose for this celebration.”