Junior Class President pushes for unity: Newly-elected president Andrew Bramlett’s goals for the class of 2012-2013

Priyanka Hardikar, Staff Writer

Bramlett’s charisma and personableness helped him quickly win over the crowd, but what really set him apart from the other candidates was his catch phrase, “I’m Andrew Bramlett, and I’m just like you.” On Sept. 11, Bramlett was elected junior class president.

He took the audience by surprise with his very first sentence.

“When I got pulled over for speeding, a little bit of pee came out.”

Bramlett was disappointed when it happened, as he had always hoped to go until college without any wrecks or speeding tickets. Instead, he made it six months past the day that he got his license.

“I was hoping that people would laugh and look up from texting or Twitter,” Bramlett said. “ I think using a different kind of humor from the other candidates gave my speech a different approach, while my blue plaid bowtie added character and helped people remember me – and also, blue’s just my favorite color. I just wanted the student body to know that I’ve gotten a speeding ticket – I’m not any different. I was just as scared as anybody else.”

Bramlett is proposing to run projects that will carry on traditions such as wearing maroon on Fridays. His pet peeve is when people purposely defy this tradition.

“We’re pretty close in Plano but I’d like to get even closer,” Bramlett said. “Wearing maroon school- wide is like a collective movement that everyone could have and something that we could all share, which is a good thing – to relate people to other people.”

Bramlett is hopeful that more involvement in organizations and clubs will lead to better communication and interaction among the students.

“Really, you can’t branch out in high school unless you join organizations,” Bramlett said. “That’s how you make your great memories of meeting different people and sharing new experiences with them.”

Bramlett and senior class president, Binna Kim, have their minds set on making this a memorable year. They plan on renovating the sand volleyball courts by hosting a fundraiser this semester to start raising money. Hopefully by spring break, the new volleyball courts will be ready to use.  Bramlett also hopes to have fine arts week, when each of the fine arts programs will have a day to perform at a pep rally. He also plans on having seven-on-seven tournaments, when each club will make a team and play at a big tournament – similar to the basketball tournament held in April.

“I would say that my number one goal is really to have each of the 1,320 students not forget their time here,” Bramlett said. “And to still keep up with a few of their friends and have a great two years they will remember for the rest of their lives – like I hope to do and my dad did.”

Bramlett’s dad graduated from Plano Senior in 1987, but his memories have stayed with him as if he never left the school. He feels nostalgic when he remembers the individual people and teachers, some of whom he is still in touch with today. As president of the Plano ISD education foundation, he remains part of the school board.

Bramlett identified his father and grandfather as his true inspirations and the people who have really helped him in defining who he really is as a person. He hopes to live up to them one day.

“I respect the love of learning that my grandfather has and the discipline and hard work my dad has always shown me,” Bramlett said. “I like working for goals and hopefully reaching them. I like the hard work that comes with a project like that. ”

Creating projects that will appeal to everyone rather than a selective group of people is a challenge for Bramlett; however, he is determined to find common denominators among the student body.

“I want to help everyone out – just like I have to bring myself up sometimes too,” Bramlett said. “And I want everyone to understand that I am going to try my hardest for the job and not take anything for granted.”