Junior Class President re-elected as senior class president


Photo by Brenda Wong

Laura Jones, Staff Writer

After all the campaigning, speeches and poster-making, only one of the four candidates for the position of senior class president remained. Junior Andrew Bramlett was elected at the beginning of the year as junior class president, and he will now hold the position of senior class president for next year.

As junior class president, Bramlett was in charge of Teacher of the Month and the “Keep It Classy Plano” float during homecoming.

“I do think I deserved to win and am so fortunate to be elected by the best class at the best school in the world,” Bramlett said. “The election was highly contested this year. I’m so thankful I was chosen. Each of the four candidates was extremely deserving, and all did a great job. It was a fun ride, but also very stressful and tiring – I’m glad the campaign trail is behind me.”

The current senior class president, senior Binna Kim, said she was excited when she got the news that Bramlett will replace her next year.

“I know he will have a blast as senior class president,” Kim said. “He will feel so liberated with this newfound responsibility, like I have had this past year. It truly is such a different position than junior class president and I am sure he will feel that. I know he really does love Plano and he will do a great job.”

Kim said she knows what it is like to have the responsibility of leading the class.

“The advice I would give is to really just work hard,” Kim said. “Work hard every day to do the things you want to accomplish. Always remember that your peers voted you to be put in this position, equipped with the resources to make something out of it. Have a servant’s heart and do everything you can to impact as many as possible. Make the most of it, enjoy it and make memories.”

Kim has worked on projects throughout this year such as Operation Beautiful, Wildcat Wear and planning prom. She believes that focusing on smaller projects is something she could’ve done better.

“Any little thing can make an impact,” Kim said. “If not to the whole senior class, it could be to clubs or individuals.”

The elections took place on March 26, but Bramlett is already working on ideas and plans for the upcoming school year.

“My main hope is to improve what we already have,” Bramlett said. “Make prom committee more effective. Getting a wide range of people on the committee is really important, so we can have the highest representation of different groups at prom. Communication about getting on the committee will be vital. Perfect Fine Arts Week, which I’m starting this year. I hope to be able to create a seven-on-seven football tournament with a few of the other StuCo officers.”

Bramlett knows how much work is waiting for him, and he is ready to come through on his campaign promises.

“I have been chosen to represent our grade,” Bramlett said. “And that gives me a huge responsibility to the students. I’m ecstatic to start working.”