Retiring coach: Diane Davey

Myiah Jones, Staff Writer

Plano girls’ soccer coach Diane Davey, who has coached for 37 years, prepares to retire at the end of the year, leaving behind a nationally recognized program with 16 district championships, four state championships and more than 500 career wins.

“Receiving the championships really was the girls’ work,” Davey said. “I’ve been in a great school and worked with great athletes. Now the girls are receiving not only academic money but athletic money as well.”

Davey began coaching at Plano in 1976 and has had the unique opportunity to coach all women’s soccer games since the launch of the program in 1979.

“Girls athletics isn’t today what it was back then,” Davey said. “This was during the time of the Title IX time period when girls were fighting for their equality. I hoped to excel the girls’ program and in women’s athletics, it’ll be a continued process.”

During her coaching career, Davey has received 37 awards and honors. She has been selected as the Dallas Morning News Coach of the Year four times and is recognized as the 1998 National Coach of the Year by the National Soccer Coaches Association of America. She was also honored as District Coach of the Year 12 times and has received the FOX Sports Southwest High School Extra “Coach Who Makes a Difference” award in 1997.

“I’ve always told the girls to make good and powerful decisions,” Davey said. “These girls have integrity, they are polite, their academics are in place, and they go about things in a positive manner.”

Despite health issues three years ago, Davey made a full recovery with the aid of her soccer players. While recovering, Davey learned the lesson of perseverance.  She hopes to conclude her career leaving the girls with lessons that they can carry throughout their whole lives.

“Their prayers and support are the reasons that I am standing here today,” Davey said. “I hope that through their walk in life they don’t just lie down and give up. You have to persevere through everything. You have to get up and fight.”