Worshipers celebrate ‘See You at the Pole’

Anna Villano , Staff Writer

Globally celebrated student day of prayer, See You at the Pole ™, falls on September 25th this year. Beginning in 1990 in Burleson, Texas, Christian students everywhere have since initiated and led this day meant to gather their peers including friends, acquaintances, and complete strangers at their school’s flagpoles to sing, pray, and celebrate God. At Plano, senior Janel Lin carries out this legacy.

“I’ve been leading this every year since my freshman year at Vines,” Lin said. “I feel that by leading every year, I get to communicate and preach the gospel to my peers. In this day and age, it is very crucial that we keep up the awareness and spread the word of the Lord.”

See You at the Pole™ is celebrated every fourth Wednesday of September and is a legacy that has been carried on for nearly twenty years.

“Since this tradition has been going on for so long,” Lin said. “I really hope that it will continue for many years to come.”