PALS host hygiene drive


The PALS hygiene drive kicked off last week and runs until Oct. 31. The rules are simple – bring hygiene supplies like toothpaste, washcloths, shampoo and soap to your second period class and place them in the assigned box. The products go to underprivileged students at Plano’s feeder school. Senior Katie Gilrein is a PALS member and is helping out with the drive.

“It’s all for the purpose of helping to bring unity not just in our school, but in the schools that look up to us and are going to be a part of Plano,” Gilrein said.

The class that brings the most supplies for the children will win a prize, which has yet to be determined. It could be Sonic shakes for the entire class and a jean pass for the teacher. However, Gilrein said it is not just about the prize.

“It is important because these kids don’t have these things we take for granted,” Gilrein said. “Something like brushing your teeth. Some kids might not have the supplies and haven’t done it in a week. It’s all to help kids who aren’t as lucky as many of us.”