2024 Senior Class President Elections Underway


Taylor Herd

     On April 14th, a group of upcoming seniors gave speeches for the opportunity to become the 2023-2024 Senior Class President. The SCP candidates are Shiv Patel, Karch Gilley, Pranav Battu, Shreya Gudibande and Mykalah Williams.

      “I am eager to take on a leadership role and serve as a representative for my fellow peers,” Patel said. “My vision for Plano includes boosting school spirit, fostering a sense of community through organizing engaging events and championing the rights and concerns of all students.”

     The Senior Class President position is a coveted title that represents a strong leader and a person that ensures a positive upkeep of the school’s environment. This president is an advocate for the students of the school and is expected to make important decisions.

     “I feel like there has been a lack of effort when it comes to finding solutions and I think I can offer a change and new perspective to Plano,” Battu said. “I have some ideas I’ve planned, in terms of sanitation, like dividers between the urinals and tampons and pads in the girls restrooms.”

     Each candidate has different reasons for running but all have a common goal of making the school a better environment for the students.

     “I want to run because I feel like I can commit to my word and help better the school,” Gilley said. “I want to accomplish a positive environment where every kid has a voice to impact the school and just be more inclusive in general.”

     Many candidates are involved in different activities around the school but an important part of their campaign goal is to unite the student body and gain an understanding of the students’ needs as a whole. 

     “I know many students are afraid to ask for help, and I want to be that person they can come to and provide a positive environment for them,” Williams said. “I want to start a study group option for upcoming seniors for extra help, ensuring better opportunities when it comes to test taking.” 

     Strong characteristics that students look for when choosing a class president include being a committed leader who is willing to do whatever necessary to achieve effective goals  and someone who can help all students have a positive and memorable year. 

     “I want the chance to implement goals like increased tutorial opportunities, more food options [for vegan, vegetarian and lactose-intolerant students], and organizing teachers schedules to avoid stacking tests on the same days, or the day after a major game or concert,” Gudibande said. “I’m incredibly opportunistic and I don’t let go of a single chance for improvement. I will pull each string to make things happen for PSHS.”