Q&A: Junior Class President Ryan Dusek


Junior Class President Ryan Dusek delivers his speech to his classmates on Sep. 4. Photo by Taylor Norris.

Zane Vakser, Staff Writer

Continued from Issue 2 of the Wildcat Tales

Q: How has being JCP affected your outlook on the school?

A: It’s weird because a lot of students don’t like being involved, and now as Junior Class President, I want people to be more involved and take part in dress-up days and stay days.

Q: What issues do you think should be addressed by Student Congress?

A: We talk a lot about budgetary issues because we have such a small budget, and it’s hard to get things done when your budget is super tiny.

Q:What do you aim to accomplish or be known for by the end of your time as JCP?

A: Hopefully I’ll be known for actually making a change. I don’t want to be marked in the yearbook as Junior Class President and have that be the end of my legacy.

Q: Describe the responsibility that comes with being the junior class president.

A: I don’t necessarily feel looked up to but I feel looked upon, and there’s a lot of pressure to do things right and do what’s right because now I’m an example, I am the junior class personified.