Candidates make their case for senior class president

Gabe LaBounty, Staff Writer

The junior class will hear speeches from three candidates running for senior class president in an assembly this Tuesday. Juniors can vote on or through the app “Voting4Schools.” The results of the election will determine which of the three students — juniors Zane Vakser, Isabelle McCutcheon and Arpit Dua — will lead the class of 2016.

Vakser is campaigning on a platform of democracy and choice for the general student body.

“I think I can be an accurate representation of who people want in this school,” Vakser said. “One thing I really want to change about this school is getting more community involvement. I want to be able to have everyone’s voice heard.”

Vakser believes that he can improve the system currently in place for Student Congress. According to Vakser, the majority of the student body does not have a say in most of the decisions that affect them.

“I want to be the link between students who have ideas and the ones who can follow through on them,” Vakser said. “I think that is the necessary step to keep Plano improving.”

McCutcheon agrees with Vakser and wants a more democratic system for the student body. She is running to make her senior year as enjoyable as possible.

“I love Plano and I know we have a lot to live up to with the class of 2015 and I want to help us do it,” McCutcheon said. “I want to make sure everyone has a say in their senior year and feels like they can give their input in wherever they feel necessary.”

McCutcheon currently serves as the junior chairwoman of the Student Services committee, which was responsible for the planning of Operation Beautiful on March 20. She believes that her experience in Student Congress will allow her to be a successful class president.

“I learned how to work well with others and how to work for the benefit of everyone, not just myself,” McCutcheon said. “When working on a project in Student Congress, you have to keep everyone’s best interests in mind.”

Junior Arpit Dua also feels he can bring unique experiences to the table. He moved from India to the United States at age eight and said he has had several challenges in his path to running for class president.

“I had to overcome adversity and be something bigger,” Dua said. “After I flourished from middle school I began to get more leadership experience and I made goals to better myself.”

After getting past his struggles, Dua is now running for the biggest title in the school. He believes he is the best candidate to achieve what the student body wants.

“I want to change the school for the better,” Dua said. “We have a class of 1400 kids and every opinion should count. My humble beginnings allow me to talk to all of the students.”

UPDATE: Arpit Dua and Zane Vakser will participate in a run-off election to determine the new senior class president. Polls will be open until 4:15 p.m. on Thursday, April 16. Students can vote on this website or through the app “Voting4Schools.”