Auto classes crank out car show


Anya Deimler

Auto classes have been working on vintage cars to roll out for the show. (Photo by Anya Deimler)

Abby Zimmardi, Staff Writer

    A car show is being hosted by the Automotive Technology and Collision Repair classes and will feature a variety of vehicles on May 20.

    “It is going to be a custom, classic car show, truck show, with motorcycles, military vehicles, pretty much anything road driven will be displayed at the show,” automotive collision repair teacher James McCrary said.

    The show will feature a tribute to the armed services as it falls on Armed Forces Day, according to automotive technology teacher Robert Watson. Armed Forces Day is a day to thank people in the armed forces for their patriotic services. The show is also a fundraiser for the auto tech classes.

    “The participants will pay an entry fee, and we are going to sell t-shirts and concessions to raise funds,” Watson said.

    These funds will go toward the auto tech classes so they can continue to repair cars, whether it be the body work or the internal workings of vehicles. The show includes cars from juniors and seniors who have been working for months on their vehicles.

    “I bring my car in everyday to do touch ups and get it ready for the show. I have been working on it for the past three months,” senior Jon Huston said.

    The show will feature muscle cars and trucks, classics, low riders, exotics and motorcycles, according to senior Oscar Cabrera. These cars in the show come from all different places.

    “We get the cars from teachers, students, friends of teachers, it really depends,” senior Zach Smith said.

    According to Smith, the cars come from real situations when a person damages their car and they bring it in to get it fixed. Teamwork also plays a role in making the show happen.

    “Both classes help each other every now and then. We help each other with the appearance and the mechanics of each of our cars,” Smith said.

    The teamwork aspect works because they can get a second opinion on how they are doing. This is not the first car show either. Last year’s car show featured about 75 vehicles.

    “This year, we expect to have about double the cars we did last year. And our students have been preparing for it for the last couple of months,” Watson said.

    The students will be completely running the show. They will be judges, and they will give out prizes to contestants.

    “We have to coordinate with the kids and get the students ready to run the show, because they will be judging the whole thing,” Watson said.

    Last year’s show was a success, and they plan to make this year’s even better. Students are running the whole show inside and out and plan to make it a fun experience for everyone.