College Night takes over campus

Caitlyn Moudy, Staff writer

    Around 200 universities set up booths in the cafeteria and gym to show potential students what they have to offer on Sept. 11th.


    “There are a wide range of colleges here, that some of the students weren’t aware of previously,” Principal Sarah Watkins said. “Each of the senior highs in Plano does a college night so every student will have access to the help that they need in making the decision of where they will attend.”


    There was a wide variety of colleges from all over the country, including Oklahoma, Colorado, or right here in Texas. For people looking into going into military service, there were members of the Army and Coast Guard available. Parents and their kids could go from booth to booth, asking questions and getting brochures about any information needed.                                 


   Juniors and seniors both have big decisions to make about the future. It is difficult at times to know what to do and how to get that information. College night provides a simple way for students to receive information of several universities at once.


   “I’m able to meet and talk to the admission board members to hopefully make a good first impression,” senior Ghadah Qubbaj said.


   Some of the people who come to give information about their college will be the ones going over students applications, and deciding if they are a good fit for that college. Making a good impression might help to boost the chances of acceptance to a particular college.


    Scholarship and financial aid information in another benefit that students might not have been aware of.


  Counselor Lance Davis, gave some advice to students who are still undecided over college choices. “Cast a wide net. There are so many colleges out there, so explore your options. Look into ones that are different from each other.” Davis said, “ It’s a process of elimination. Try to narrow it down to three options and go from there.”