Study stations installed in A, B buildings


Lauren Girgis

Senior Wendy Chu uses the study stations in B building to charge her phone during after school hours

Bella Savarese, Staff writer

   Wildcats received a gift over the summer,study stations, more commonly known as charging stations, around A and B building.

    “We had about 3,000 lockers and we probably didn’t have 200 of them being used. It was really unused space,so we said how do we better use this,” Assistant principal, Bryan Spiritus,said.

     The administration saw that the unused lockers were taking up valuable space.

    “No one uses their lockers anyway so I think it is a better use of space” Junior Grace Buchanan

    Even students noticed the unused space  

    “Walking around United States history, English and really all the core subjects, even Law Enforcement, there are a lot of group projects,” Spiritus said.

    Along with group projects come loud and crowded classrooms. They also needed a solution to the problem.   

     “More and more colleges are putting in study stations,” assistant principal,Glenn Davis, said.  “Our problem was that we didn’t really have the space.”

With the realisation that they could get space from removing lockers, they knew what to do.
      “We did it through the the campus improvement plan,” Davis said.

    The campus improvement plan is a district program that provides funds for schools to make small improvements.  Once they had solutions to the problems, they got to work removing the unused lockers and placing the new counters and outlets around the school.

    “What we tried to do was strategically place them so that they are around  the building and usable,” Spiritus said.

    This is why the study stations are seen more in A and B building than D building.

     Spiritus said the counters were bought prefab, so that is probably the closest the school could get to maroon.

    “The other thing we’re looking at is taking out the lockers and creating more space, but I do not think we’re intent on putting a bunch more of them in,” Davis said.

    While there is not really a need for more study stations, the administration definitely sees the need for more space in the halls.

    “I shouldn’t have to tell people the rules, they pretty much speak for themselves,” Spiritus said.

    When it comes to rules for the study stations the staff just expects common sense. It goes without saying that there should not be writing, carving, napping or sitting on the stations. The stations are to help students and as long as they are taken care of, they will do their job.

    “We’re going to need to see how they are being used, do we see people using them throughout the year,”Davis said.

    While it is early in the year and group projects are few and far between as the school year picks up so will the use of study stations.   

    “I think it’s a really neat idea and will be very useful for students,” junior Kathryn Duncan said.

“I mean they’re cool but i’ve only seen them used a couple times. There kinda inconvenient.” junior Max Mendillo said

    So students, as the year kicks off and classes get busy, remember there is always a place to plug in and get work done.