Planoette dads host cookout before games

Caitlyn Moudy, Staff writer

  The Planoettes have been hosting a cookout with their dads to get people excited before  home games in the Clark stadium parking lot.

       The cookout was created in 2010 to bring families together to get to know each other, especially the dads, as they are in charge of the event. The cookout is a great opportunity for the Planoettes’ dads to get more involved with their girls.

     “It’s great for everyone to come out and see familiar faces, some in which you haven’t seen for a while. It’s a great time to just eat some good food and talk to friends,” Jeff Brazeal said.

   Donations are accepted at the cookout for anyone who would like to donate. All of the proceeds go to the booster club, which helps support the Planoettes go on trips and get the material required to perform.

    “The boot backers helps us accumulate the money we need to go to places like Galveston. It also goes to our booster club, so every dollar is appreciated,” senior team manager Caitlyn Pierce said.

    A positive mindset is required to go out and perform. All of the people who come out to the cookouts aim to encourage the Planoettes before their big performance.

    “The Planoette families always come out to support them before the halftime show, and I think that helps them get in the right mindset,” Pierce said.

   Parents, grandparents and siblings all come to the cookout before they go watch the girls dance during halftime. The hard work the Planoettes put into every performance can be celebrated by the people who care most about them.

   “It’s always fun to see the Planoettes with their families at the cookouts,” the Planoette Assistant Director Natalie English said. “It gives them a chance to see relatives that might have come in from out of town to see them perform, take pictures and catch up.”

    The cookout brings out all the people who love to cheer on the Wildcats every game day, on and off the field.

    “The goal of the cook out is to get the Planoette family pumped up about the game and the girls’ performance at halftime,” English said. “It brings different families together to celebrate the girls, dance and football.”