Stuco raises money for charity by painting parking spots


Photo by Abbey Cole

Senior Jillian Walker works on painting her parking spot.

Abbey Cole, Staff writer

    Stuco sold parking spots to seniors to raise money for Operation Underground Railroad and to promote self expression and school spirit.

    Senior class president Hana Lone came up with the idea to sell the spots.

    “Lone sold the spots in the cafeteria during both lunches on the fourth and fifth of October,” Steve Leonard, the sponsor of student congress, said.

    Stuco only sold the spots on the fourth and fifth of October.

    The spots were only offered to seniors this year, however, Leonard said that they may offer it again next year to juniors as well.

    “There were 30 spaces in A lot along Park Blvd that costed 50 dollars each,” Leonard said.

    Students had to get their designs approved by Stuco prior to painting their spots.

    “The designs had to be pre-approved before painting to ensure that they are school appropriate,” Assistant Principal Bryan Spiritus said.

    After the students got their design approved, they went to A lot on Stuco’s scheduled time of Oct. 8th from noon to 4 p.m. to paint their spot.

    The students had to provide their own paint and supplies for their spots.

    “Plano East is currently doing it,” Spiritus said. “In the Past, Richardson, Garland, and Mckinney schools have done it.”

    Even though other schools have sold parking spots, Stuco is doing it for a different reason.

    “Other schools have been successful with this, but typically the money goes to the school instead of charity,” Leonard said.

    The proceeds that Stuco receives from the spots will go to Operation Underground Railroad, which is a charity dedicated to stopping human trafficking.

    Since this is the first year they are doing this, Stuco hopes it will become a tradition among the students.

    “I hope it becomes a tradition,” Leonard said. “It is a worthy charity and builds great spirit and tradition.”

    Aside from giving the profit to charity, the parking spots give students the chance to set themselves apart from other students in a creative way.

    Senior Jillian Walker bought a parking spot and painted it with a friend.

    “I like that I will have a permanent parking spot so I do not have to search for one,” Walker said.

    The parking spots give students the opportunity to express who they are and the chance to be creative.

    “I think it is really cool to have something at this school that shows who I am and my individuality,” Walker said.