Homecoming court nominees 2017


Regan Munstedt

The nominees pose for pictures by the pond.

Regan Munstedt, Opinion Editor

     The homecoming court of the 2017-2018 school year was made up of 11 students selected by their peers to represent them.


Austin Chambers- Homecoming King

    “I was really surprised at first because I wasn’t expecting people to vote for me.”

    Chambers is an active member of band, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Student Congress. He was most excited to represent his organizations and the school in the best way possible.


Trey Pigeon- Homecoming Court

    “I really appreciate everyone who nominated me and who helped me through this exciting time.”

    Pigeon is involved in orchestra, Education and Training, Future Teachers of Plano and Wildcat Nation. When he found out that he made it onto the court, he got really excited, and he said that he owes it to his close friends and acquaintances.


Caleb Hartman- Homecoming Court

    “It’s my senior year and I wanted to make it a memorable one.”

    Hartman represented the Wildcat Tales Newspaper and the theatre department. Hartman said that he was taken aback by his nomination, but was excited to add this experience to his list of positive memories that Plano Senior has given him.


Caleb Anderson- Homecoming Court

    “This opportunity meant a lot to me as I was excited to be able to represent Plano Senior and to be a part of a tradition that has lasted for ages.”

    Anderson represented the football team with his nomination to the homecoming court. Anderson said that he felt grateful to be chosen for the honor of being accepted onto the court.


Victoria Harris- Homecoming Queen

    “Being nominated for Homecoming Queen is really humbling; it’s such a high honor to have.”

    Harris is an active member on the Plano golf team, Women Inspiring Strength and Empowerment (WISE), choir, National Honor Society and Wildcat Nation. She was thankful for this opportunity and will carry it proudly for the rest of her life.


Amanda Wahl- Homecoming Court

    “I was so excited when I found out, I screamed.”

    Wahl represented the cheer team, DECA and Student Congress in her run for homecoming queen. Wahl said that she felt blessed to have been given this opportunity and made many memorable experiences from it.


Jami Friedman- Homecoming Court

    “This opportunity of being on homecoming court is once in a lifetime, and it will be a lifelong memory for me.”

    Friedman is a member of the Planoettes, Wildcat Nation, National Honor Society and Pen Pals. She felt honored and excited to be a representative on the homecoming court.


Morgan Castleberry- Homecoming Court

    “I’m honored that I was picked, and I’m so grateful for my friends who have supported me.”

    She is involved in band and is a member of the Plano golf team. Castleberry said that the chance to be on the court meant a lot to her, and she is ecstatic to have been chosen by her classmates.


Bobbi Jackson- Homecoming Court

    “I was surprised when I found out I was nominated, I never really felt like people knew me, but apparently they do.”

    Jackson is involved in choir and the musical theatre department. Jackson said that she was excited to be a part of the court, and wants to attribute her success to her mom.  


Cesar Mendoza- Homecoming Prince

    “It was really exciting and rewarding realizing that I had been voted as Prince by such a large student body.”

    Mendoza is involved in Student Congress, National Honor Society, AVID, band, HOSA and She’s the First. He was most excited to represent his classmates and work to maintain Plano’s esteemed reputation on the court.


Samantha Landers- Homecoming Princess

    “My friends encouraged me to run for Princess, and I thought it would be fun.”

    Landers represented band, Student Congress, HOSA, Spanish Club and Junior World Affairs Council. Landers said that she believed this opportunity was a great way to represent her junior peers.