Students showcase unique abilities for Plano’s Got Talent

Carley Conrado, Staff Writer

   National Honor Society (NHS) is preparing for the 10th annual talent show on March 2, Plano’s Got Talent, with senior president Caitlin Zhu making sure to keep up with the prominent reputation that the show is known for.

    “We are not planning on changing much about the show from past years,” Zhu said. “However, we always try to make sure that the show runs even smoother for the contestants, judges and viewers.”

    Zhu also hopes to keep up the tradition of the massive attendance the show has been able to pull in past years, due to the fact that all of the proceeds go to a great cause.

    “We let the winning contestant choose which charity they would like the money to go to, and all proceeds from the show go towards that charity,” Zhu said. “The more people that come to the show, the more money we can give to the community and our goal is to make a difference.”

   Zhu finds all of the work that she is putting in rewarding as she is passionate about the cause.  She knows that there is a huge amount of talent that the students hold and are not always able to share.

   “I really hope this year we get just as many people, if not more, to audition and come to the show,” Zhu said. “There is a lot of talent in this school and I wish everyone could come and support their fellow classmates.”

    Zhu’s hard work and commitment to ensure a successful show is not going unnoticed by NHS advisers. NHS co-sponsor Shanique Leonard holds the same value for the talent show that Zhu does.

    “The talent show provides an avenue for students to share the talents and skills that they are proud of, talents that they would not be able to otherwise,” Leonard said.

    Yet, Zhu is not the only one working hard to make this talent show a success. Those auditioning for the show, such as junior Austin Hinley, feel just as energized about the cause and are willing to put in all of their effort to put on a worthwhile showcase for students.

    “I am planning on singing “All of Me” by John Legend, because it is a very emotional and passionate song and I feel that I can relate to that,” Hinley said. “I think people will really like my song selection and act altogether, but I still have a lot of work that I need to put in before I can get it to that point.”

    The showcase and its quality holds a special place in Hinley’s heart, as he is currently in varsity a capella choir and has been singing for the majority of his life.

    “I think my performance will really prove to people that I love what I do and can eventually inspire others to find something that they love that much,” Hinley said. “My mom and I always used to sing together in the car, so I’ve loved to sing ever since.”

    Though Plano’s Got Talent is still a month away, students, such as junior Amna Dar, are already getting excited for the show.

    “I’ve always enjoyed watching talent shows,” Dar said. “There are so many talents that people have that you never would have even gotten the opportunity to see until that night.”