Pink Out game helps breast cancer awareness


Shimena Simmons

Junior Planoettes, Nina Siegel, Sarah Kinard, Christa Pfannenstiel, Callie Fish and Riley Thomasson perform on the field with pink neck ties, ribbons and face paint in support of breast cancer awareness.

Riley Hayden, Staff Writer

Planoettes give special performance, raise funds for annual charity

Pink Out season represents a time for giving and charity, the school bands together to show support for breast cancer awareness by wearing pink instead of maroon on game day.

Shirt profits, and donations all are given to The Susan G. Komen organization. Susan G. Komen is a charity founded in Dallas centered on breast cancer awareness.

It is the largest breast cancer organization in the United States, and has helped raise awareness across the nation.

The Planoettes organize the event with the help of parents and school administrators to try and raise awareness of breast cancer. They make the event fun and exciting for students to participate in by being inclusive and positive.

Senior Lily Ferkany is a Planoettes cocaptain. She has spent time helping to organize the campus’s Pink Out event.

“School is more than a place to learn,” Ferkany said. “We want to give back to the community in a positive way, and helping those in need during Pink Out is what’s most important.”

Ferkany and others around the school try to spread the message of giving back to the community in any way possible. By spreading awareness and positivity they are able to turn the season into a time of selflessness.

Senior Amy Driscoll, Planoette co-captain, has devoted her energy in helping the development of Pink Out, as well.

“Seeing the amount we can raise by the end of the event makes it all worth it,” said Driscoll. “Having that kind of effect of others is the greatest thing you can do.”

Not only do students help, but parents have volunteered to sell Pink Out shirts in the cafeteria on their own time.

Last year the Planoettes were able to raise $3500 through sales and donations. They aim to do the same this year.

The Planoettes devote much of their personal time to make sure the event is heard and their message is spread, but even then it can be hard to reach all the students.

“Trying to spread our information across the entire school is hard,” Ferkany said, “Student awareness is definitely the hardest part of the entire event.”

Meredith Walraven, the director of the Planoettes, has organized many Pink Outs during her time at Plano, and is very passionate about the cause.

“My favorite part is seeing everyone come together in supporting a great cause,” Walraven said, “We have all been affected by cancer in some way whether a family member or friend, I believe so, it’s important to get information out to the young community about what steps to take to ensure a healthy, long life.”

For the school community, Pink Out is truly about putting others first and giving back in any way possible. Through student support of a great cause we are able to make an impact on those who need it most.

“Helping people in need is all Pink Out season really means,” said Driscoll, “As long as we can make an impact and give back to the community it was all worth it.”