Game Changer

The game against El Paso Eastwood was moved to the Ford Center at the Star due to the game previously being canceled.


artwork by Wildcat Tales staff

Wildcat Football demonstrating their perseverance at the Dallas Cowboy Ford Stadium.

Amelia Bautz, Staff Writer

     The football game against El Paso Eastwood High School has been rescheduled to be played at the Ford Center at the Star on Sept. 5 at 7 p.m. 

      Originally, the football game was canceled over safety concerns after the El Paso Walmart shooting incident, involving a former Plano Senior student and located only a few miles away from Eastwood High School.

     According to officer Luke Grant, one of the school SRO officers, the main worries regarding the game were never on fans from either side doing something violent, but from outside parties on both sides of the gun control argument. 

     However, the game was rescheduled following an offer by Frisco ISD, allowing the use of the Star. 

      “The Star is a great venue if you are concerned about safety,” Grant said. 

     According to principal Sarah Watkins, changing the location of the game is not what creates a safer environment to play in, but the structure of the chosen venue.

     The Star is a closed stadium, with only one entrance. There are also metal detectors at the door, as well as a strict bag policy. 

     All bags taken to the location must be either a small clutch, a see-through resealable bag or a clear tote bag. More specific information on what is expected from attendees is provided on the venue’s website,  

     In addition to this, Watkins stated that since this a professional stadium, there will be professional security present, so any potential attendees with safety concerns should keep this all in mind. 

     “Students are encouraged to attend the game but must make their own decisions regarding safety,” Watkins said. 

     The initial announcement of the game being canceled inspired some students to put make their voices out there, like senior Lily Ray. Ray started an online petition protesting against the game’s cancellation. Before the game had been rescheduled, Ray’s petition had been signed by 661 students.

     Ray, as a student-athlete herself, said that she wanted the game to be rescheduled because she believes that sports bring people together. She also stated that going through with the game would help students and staff move past the tragedy. 

     “Playing the game helps show that one person doesn’t represent all of us,” senior Lily Ray said. 

     This game is the only one that will be played at a different location, according to Watkins. All other sports or events will be played when and where they are scheduled to be. Pre-game tickets can be purchased for six dollars for students and eight dollars for adults at or at the activities office. Tickets can also be purchased at the gate for eight dollars for both students and adults. 

     “We want everybody to have a positive experience, and enjoy traditional Friday night football on a Thursday,” Watkins said.