Madrigal Dinner fast approaching

Long held choir tradition brings excitement and anticipation.


Tom Fowler

Madrigal dinners contain plenty of singing, acting and entertainment in order to keep their audience attention throughout the whole night.

Samantha Jones, Staff Writer

     The choir’s annual Madrigal Dinner, a Medieval themed dinner and show, is arriving soon in the cafeteria on Dec. 6-7.

     Madrigal Dinner is not the average choir concert. Guests sit at tables to eat catered food while watching choral pieces intercut with skits put on by members of the choir.

     “It’s more like a mini musical,” associate choir director Reza Azizi said.

     The show is based around a Renaissance theme. The cafeteria is decorated like a castle and all of the singers and the pianist are in Renaissance era clothing.

     “It’s like Medieval Times, but with singing instead of jousting,” junior choir member Ben Kern said.

      Madrigal Dinner can be enjoyed by many different people as it includes not only choral music, but also dancers, jesters, and a king and queen.

     “It is a better concert for non-choir people,” Azizi said. “Everybody can have fun.”

     The show’s interactive elements mixed with choral music to create a truly unique show. The audience is drawn into the story of the show through the skits. 

     “It’s an immersive experience that takes the audience back in time,” accompanist Jim Wilson said. 

     The show includes new pieces as well as songs sung every year, which is not only fun for returning audiences, but the choir as well.

     “We use new music so the seniors don’t get bored,” Azizi said. 

     The performance is based on the traditional caroling one of the top choirs does every year.

     “Chamber is the featured group,” Kern said. “It’s kind of centered on the stuff we do.”

     The choir is very excited to show all of their hard work pay off. While many students may be turned off by the mention of classic choral music, the choir believes the audience can still have a great time.

     “It is a lot more interesting than people may think,” senior choir member Kyra Robertson said.  

     Choir has not released all the details for the concert as of now. However, they are excited to see the reactions from the audience, especially for their unexpected parts of the show.

     “We have some special surprises up our sleeves for those coming,” Kern said.

     Tickets will go on sale starting at $20 including dinner. Students can start purchasing tickets on Nov. 18, where they almost always sell out. Students can find out more information and purchase tickets from the choir website

     “There is good food, humor and na lot of talent overall,” Kern said. “It’s super fun.”