Wildcats on their feet for postponed hoco

Students socially distance at the Homecoming game and watch as the court gets selected

Homecoming Queen Alexis Piorkowski with King Aidan Kelly

Rose Wright, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Although this year’s homecoming has been postponed due to COVID-19, students still get their wildcat pride on for the big game and the homecoming court.

“Homecoming will really bring spirit to the school since we’ve all been down lately about coronavirus,” said senior homecoming king nominee Tyler Drueckhammer.

This year’s dance has been postponed due to the school’s commitment to following health and safety guidelines established in Texas. However, students still look forward to cheering the wildcat football team on at the homecoming game.

“I’m looking forward to spending time with friends,” said senior homecoming queen nominee Bella McMillan.

Senior Nate Serratos
Senior Nate Serratos at the homecoming game (Photo by Lauryn Clemons)

“The game was upsetting, but I was glad to see my friends and cheer on the team,” said senior Anne-Claire Weaver.

Although students were let down by the homecoming dance being cancelled, they understood it was for the best as COVID-19 persists.

“I think we’re all upset, but we’re all also understanding that we can’t have a dance right now,” said senior homecoming queen nominee Merritt Denton.

Of course, like every other homecoming game, the queen and king were announced as well as the prince and princess.

Nominees Alexis Piorkowski and Aidan Kelly ended up scoring the titles of homecoming queen and king.

“COVID has made it hard for the nominees to get people out there to vote and participate in this year’s court election” said senior student congress officer Tessnim Mohammed.

Along with Piorkowski and Kelly, juniors Dennis Agbor and Isabela Zambrano won the homecoming prince and princess titles.

Although this year’s homecoming wasn’t the same for the wildcat nation, students remain hopeful about the school year they face ahead.

“I was sad about homecoming, but I’m still excited for the creative ways other clubs are going to make the most of this school year,” said Weaver.

So far this year has been a whirlwind for the school, with teachers, students and administration struggling to have a semi-normal schedule. Luckily, they all remain resilient to the issues brought on by the pandemic.