PSHS Annual Stay Day Tradition Returns

Plano’s annual homecoming tradition Stay Day took place on Oct. 15 for the first time after the pandemic


Photo courtesy of Michaela James

Nina Cairo, Staff Writer

     The annual Plano Senior High School tradition “Stay Day,” an event organized by Student Congress that encourages students to stay at school for lunch instead of driving off campus to eat, was held on Oct. 15.

     Along with its environmental goal to reduce fuel emissions, Stay Day also promotes a united student body. 

     “The goal of Stay Day originally was to reduce emissions from cars when students had off campus lunch,” StuCo officer Presley Lundy said. “It still does that, but it’s evolved into what I think is more of a big school party.”

     StuCo, more specifically the School Enhancement faction, hires food trucks, organizes games and gives student-run clubs the opportunity to share information to other students. Clubs set up informational posters, fun games, and various product sales. The Environmental Club hosted a bake sale to raise profits for their goals this year. 

      “I think Stay Day was a really fun opportunity to have club-time with my friends,” Environmental Club member Kayla Nyguen said.

     No matter if they were in a club or not, students had the chance to interact with friends. As a result of a larger number of students on campus for lunch, students were surrounded by people they hadn’t met yet. They were able to meet new people and make new connections. 

      “In terms of [Stay Day] bringing the school together, I think it was just a great way to get [students] to talk to people they don’t see on a regular basis,” junior Siya Dongozi said. “When I got my face painted, I made small talk with some new people which I really enjoyed.”

     The unity and connection of the student body was a vital element of Stay Day this year more than ever. It managed to bring the school together after a period of distance and isolation caused by COVID-19.

     “My personal goal was to make [Stay Day] an event that made up for everything that got cancelled during the pandemic,” Lundy said.

     This year’s Stay Day took place on the same Friday as the Homecoming pep rally and game, which all occurred the day before the Homecoming dance. This created an abundance of Plano-pride and gave students an idea of what Plano represents. 

     “[Stay Day] is a chance to make new friends, get involved, and just overall be proud to be at Plano Senior,” Lundy said.