Shanghai Disneyland in Lockdown Due to Single Covid Case


Photo courtesy of Fayhoo

Drake Chambless, Staff Writer

     On Nov. 1 in Shanghai China, 33,000 guests were put into a mandatory lockdown after a single case of Covid was diagnosed in the Shanghai Disneyland park.

     Starting on Nov. 2nd, 33,863 people within the park’s boundaries were forced into a flash lockdown because of a lone Covid case. The extreme measures come as China has taken a zero tolerance policy to the virus. Comparing China’s policy to other countries like the US, while most countries are lifting restrictions, China has taken an extremely aggressive approach to completely wipe out the virus in the country.

     “We are cooperating with the pandemic investigation in other provinces and cities,” Disneyland said in a public statement regarding the situation. Both Disneyland and Disneytown will remain closed Monday and Tuesday ‘in order to follow the requirements of Covid-19 protection and control.’

     While the preventive measures might look extreme to civilians of other countries, residents of nearby cities and provinces took to the internet to praise the government on the approach saying that the quick response and measures taken were more than necessary to not only keep the guests safe, but also the rest of the country.