Duck Week Held March 28th through April 1st


Photo courtesy of Cayla Hennessy

Guitar club members Gavin Perkins, Blake Bowels, Bradly Blackwell, and Angel Zvereva preform during Stay Day.

Michelle Kallas, Staff Writer

     Duck Week, a time to commemorate the beloved ducks on Plano Senior campus was hosted by student congress the week of March 28 – April 1. The week concluded with a day dedicated to encouraging students to stay on campus rather than drive to lunch, fittingly titled “Stay Day.”

     “The core idea behind Duck Week is to promote community unity by establishing a week dedicated to respecting our school’s ducks as well as raising money for the well-loved Plano Senior pond,” Public Relations Senior Chairman Izi Allen said.

     The tradition of Duck Week began in the late 1990’s following a rumor students from another school killed a number of the ducks on campus, however, according to STUCO sponsor Steve Leonard, this is just a myth. This year, the core purpose of Duck Week was to encourage students to be aware of and care for the environment around Plano Senior. 

     “In the past, Duck Week was to show off the school spirit of Plano Senior, this year we were able to incorporate an environmental aspect to Duck Week,” student services Junior Chairman Emily Yoon said. “I think Duck Week went great. We did lots of games during lunch, we sold a lot of keychains and shirts, and it was so exciting seeing people get excited over the duck scavenger hunt.”

     On Friday, to finish out Duck Week, student congress hosted Stay Day, a long-lived Plano Senior tradition. Food trucks are brought during lunch as well as games hosted by various clubs around Plano in an effort to reduce the use of cars and keep kids at school.

    While also promoting cleanliness around campus, Stay Day encourages unity around campus and allows students time to hang out with friends and enjoy the games and events held by Plano clubs, while also doing their part to keep Plano beautiful. 

     “My favorite part was getting to enjoy a great free concert from the guitar club while also enjoying affordable food,” senior Benecio Sandoval said.