Earth Day 2022

photo courtesy of GPA Photo Archive

photo courtesy of GPA Photo Archive

Michelle Kallas, Staff Writer

     As we commemorate a day dedicated to celebrating the earth and the sanctity of the environment, here are some ways to do your part in keeping our planet clean and thriving. 


  1. Carpool

     Cars are extremely harmful to the environment. Reduce your car use by riding with others when possible. If it is available in your community, use public transportation, bike, or walk to not only save money, but help the environment while you do it. 


     2. Shop Sustainably 

     There are many ways to make conscious shopping choices that will benefit your wallet as well as planet earth. Rather than purchasing fast fashion, try shopping second hand! Instead of buying single use plastics, try reusable water bottles and containers! 


     3. Recycle

     Recycling is simple and easy in most places, however most still don’t do it. Be aware of what is recyclable and what is not, and make the conscious effort to recycle when it is possible. Do your part in keeping trash out of landfills and reuse items when possible rather than throwing them away. 


     4. Conserve Water

     Water is one of earth’s most precious resources, and we are depleting our limited supply quickly. Turn off the water while you brush your teeth and try to limit wasted water when doing things like showering and washing dishes. 


     5. Minimize Waste

     Food waste is one of the biggest causes of climate change, and contributes to the prevalent issue of world hunger. The value of food wasted per year is over $1 trillion. Be intentional about what you buy, and ensure you are purchasing only what you need. In addition to food, the amount of clothing Americans throw away has doubled in the last 20 years. We have become an increasingly wasteful population as we live in an age of abundance. Do your part in helping the environment by being aware of what you could possibly consume relative to what you purchase. 


     People often attribute the increasing harm done to our earth to large corporations and therefore leave the job of reviving the environment in their hands. However, there is always something to be done on an individual level to reverse the damage done to the world around us. Change can only occur when we as humans acknowledge how much we can do by making adjustments to our increasingly environmentally damaging lifestyles and do our part in conserving the planet. Do your part to be a part of that change.