FAFSA Information


Alexis Davis, Staff Writer

     With October starting, it’s time for seniors to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). For many families, this will be the first time completing it so here are a few tips. 

     FAFSA is a form you have to fill out yearly for college and trade schools. It opens October 1, but is advised to be completed as soon as possible due to its first come first serve nature. Although some people believe that the form is not needed, it is a requirement to graduate in Texas, meaning everyone must take the time to fill it out. FAFSA is available to all U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens.

     When you start filling out the FAFSA, there are several documents needed. This includes but is not limited to your Social Security Number, Drivers License Number (if applicable), you and your parent’s Federal Income Tax return, Untaxed Income, a record of your assets and a list of schools you are interested in attending.

     FAFSA may take around an hour to complete but can take more or less time depending on your access to the necessary documentation. 

     More information, as well as access to FAFSA, can be found at http://studentaid.gov .