Damar Hamlin Recovers From Freak Accident


Anastasia Dotson, Staff Writer

     Buffalo Bills football player Damar Hamlin went into cardiac arrest during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Jan.1. Hamlin received CPR and AED for nine minutes and the on-field medical personnel were able to restart his heart and get him into the ambulance.

     Hamlin’s condition was unknown at the time. coaches, teammates and fans were shocked by what happened. From everyone’s reaction, this is a significant and surprising event in football history.   

     “The nine minutes of CPR undoubtedly saved his life,” Dr. David Chao said. “The heart attack was likely caused by a cardiac contusion with potential Commotio Cordis.”.

     Hamlin spent seven days at University of Cincinnati Medical Center . On the second day, Hamlin began to move his hands and feet. He was unable to speak but was able to communicate in writing.

     “He is still considered critically ill and significant progress is needed,” Dr. Timothy Pritts said.  

     Neurological signs of improvement began Wednesday night as Hamlin gradually started to wake up. For Hamlin to upgrade from critical to stable condition, he would need to be taken off the ventilator.

     “When we talk about neurologically intact, it’s a very gross term of big motor movement and following commands,” Dr. William Knight said. “It’s also too early to say whether Hamlin could return to football after going to rehabilitation.”

     On Friday, Jan.6 Hamlin was able to breathe on his own, at which point his breathing tube was removed allowing him to speak and talk to his family and friends. On Jan. 9, he was transferred to the Buffalo General/Gates Vascular in downtown Buffalo..

     “Headed home to Buffalo today with a lot of love on my heart,” Hamlin tweeted. “Watching the world come together around me on Sunday was truly an amazing feeling. The same love you all have shown me is the same love that I plan to put back into the world [and] more.”

     Doctors finished tests to try and identify possible causes of the event including whether there were any pre-existing conditions. Hamlin was released from the hospital.

     “The love has been overwhelming but I’m thankful for every single person that prayed for me and reached out,” Hamlin posted on Instagram. “We brought the world back together behind this, if you know me you know this only going to make me stronger, on a long road keep praying for me.”