Summer Must Haves

Paul Burnham and Paul Burnham

 With summer just around the corner, it’s about time we posted our list of the hottest products for you this summer.

     The perfect tanning oil is often hard to come across. With all bottles looking nearly identical, it’s tough to make a decision based on what the label tells you. Take this bit of advice from an expert; I trust my skin whole-heartedly with Banana Boat when I’m out in the sun. While the fancy ingredients such as carrot extracts, jojoba oil and green tea may attract your attention, let it be known that the quality of these ingredients is what makes Banana Boat the best for your skin. With a product for all skin types ranging from ginger to Brazilian, you are guaranteed to find a product for you. Try the Banana Boat Dark Tanning Oil with an SPF of 4 or 6 to get great, deep color without the burn. Remember to always wear a sunscreen to protect your delicate skin and always follow up with a moisturizer! $6.99- $14.99

     Thirsty? Always. It’s Texas and with temperatures this summer projected to exceed 110 on some days, giving Crystal Light PURE Lemonade a try will certainly be worth your while. With only 15 calories per serving, all natural ingredients and a taste that will tingle your taste buds sip after sip.  $3.99 Target

    Is your lip gloss poppin’? Lady Gaga’s is. While most women spend their summers hiding behind endless tubes of lip balms and salves, it would be in every woman’s best interest to pick up a tube of MAC Viva Glam by Lady Gaga lipstick or lipgloss, both in a beautiful coral color. While the lipstick itself leans more towards the neutral scale of pinks, the subtle color compliments your sun kissed face better than any tube of chapstick will. Plus, how classy is it to just whip out your tube of lipstick while sunbathing with friends? To make things even better, MAC donates the entire cost of the lip products to the MAC Viva Glam HIV/AIDS Foundation raising over 3 million dollars a year. $14.50

     The most stressed-over element to your perfect summer is unquestionably whether or not your summer body is just the way you want it. While images of rock hard abs and calves that could stop a bullet may be a routine for some, a lean, toned frame is certainly more rational for the rest of us. If you haven’t heard of p90x, chances are you have never been on the internet and your T.V. hasn’t been on in months. Although the entire program consists of rigorous dieting, immense amounts of exercise and even a sleep schedule, you can get away with a few 20 minute exercises a few times a week and get yourself into tip top shape. $120.00

     Starting fresh for the summer season, is offering a series of limited time RayBan Wayfarer Print sunglasses to cover your face this season. While the original New York Subway map is always acceptable, you can find it in a neon version as well as animal prints galore. $179.99