Missoni for Target: going, going, gone

Danielle Deraleau, Featured columnist

   Seriously, did anyone get anything?   

    Today marks the thirteenth day Target was supposed to be selling the huge and much anticipated Missoni for Target line. Notice the “supposed.” Sure, they’re still selling the two or three pieces they have left, but soon all traces will be gone, and the only place you’ll see those colorful chevron stripes will be on eBay. And this was a line that was going to be sold until Oct 22.

     Target is probably overjoyed. I’ve heard numerous amounts of people comment that the lines outside the store the night the merchandise came out rivaled those of Black Friday. They must have because I went to Target the very next day and found almost nothing. My first tip off should have been that the parking lot was not completely full, and I managed to get a decent parking spot. Secondly, when I entered the store, Target was quiet…too quiet. I literally walked around the entire store before finding a single rack containing a few articles of clothing in large sizes and some stray pairs of tights. ‘Surely that can’t be it,’ I thought to myself. But it was. A woman with a baby in a stroller came up next to me and looked at the disheveled display, too. “Is that all that’s left?” she asked me. When I nodded she groaned and  began making her way to the grocery section, pulling out a shopping list in defeat.

     Being slightly adventurous, I decided to hit another Target to see if anything had survived. Yet again, I was met with a tiny rack of a few articles of clothing. However, I was lucky enough to score some awesome patterned socks, a skirt, and two headbands. While I was paying, the cashier gleefully told me, “Make sure to check out the rest of the Missoni merchandise online!” I wanted to tell her, “Don’t give me false hope!” but I swallowed my words, got myself an Icee, and headed home.

     Actually, I’ll be honest.

     I went home to stalk the Missoni stuff online.

     However, I couldn’t even get into the website. “Woof!” the little dog with the bulls eye greeted me, “Our servers are currently full.” I decided to just be happy with my purchases.

     And I was one of the lucky ones.

     A few shoppers decided to forgo the crowded stores and do their shopping online the night of the release. Genius, right? Wrong. Target couldn’t fill all of the orders, and some people who thought they had purchased some of the merchandise found out they wouldn’t be getting anything at all.

     Target hadn’t anticipated the new line being this popular. After everything had been bought, they had to race to pull all the ads they had prepared to run for a month. For days after my slight failure of a shopping expedition I would see the commercials or come across an ad in a magazine. Everywhere I looked I saw Missoni. As I watched the evening news one day, I glared at the Missoni blouse Gloria Campos sported. In Seventeen Magazine a smiling model posed in a Missoni sweater. On the red carpet a celebrity smirked in her Missoni dress.

     So what is Missoni, and why is it so popular? Well, thanks to Ms. Turnbo’s fashion design class, I know the answer to this. Simply put, Missoni is an Italian family that specializes in colorful knitwear. And with the major designer name comes the major designer price. With the current economy, apparently Missoni wasn’t doing too well. A visiting college informant from FIDM said that the decision to design a line for Target was brilliant on Missoni’s part. It has taken them right back into being a major clothing brand. Smart move, Missoni.

     So, if you were lucky enough to obtain a major piece of the Missoni line, I suggest getting yourself a lottery ticket because you’re on a roll. To everyone else: I’ll see you on eBay.