5 lessons learned during senior year

1. It’s only as much as you put into it. 

From sports to extracurricular activities to homework, know this: its value is dependent on how much you put into it. This goes the same with all aspects of senior year. If you want the year to be great, you have the ability to make it so. It is up to you to add value in the places you desire by putting in the time and effort.

2. There is a difference between friend and acquaintance. 

Realize that at times you are only “friends” with someone because you see them five times a week. These people are acquaintances, not your true friends. How many of the people you call a “friend” can you depend on and trust? After evaluating this, you may discover that you have fewer friends than you think. I’m about to let you in on a little secret: you don’t have to be friends with everyone. As difficult as it may be, we need to accept that not everyone we meet is going to become our new emergency contact. Understand that the people we call our friends have an ability to influence and affect us. With that being said, we shouldn’t cut people out of our lives because they’re not on the same page as us. We should be selective with the kind of people we let into our inner circles.

 3. True uncontrollable laughter can heal any pain.

Senior year moves at a rapid pace, and with that comes some stress. Whatever the stress is, don’t forget the value of friends and a good laugh. This combo can take you a long way.

 4. Forgive others.

Yes, I know that one girl stole you boyfriend in sixth grade, but I think the time has come to forgive. Now don’t get me mistaken – I’m not saying you have to be best friends with the accused party. But whatever the circumstances may be – forgive. Not because they deserve your forgiveness but because you deserve peace.

 5. Everything has a way of working out.

Patience is everything. As you will come to discover, senior year calls for more patience than ever. At the beginning of the year you may not know where you are going to end up by next fall. While the uncertainty could make anyone go crazy, it is important to find patience. Stressing about the future does not add any value to your life or to the life of the person you complain to.