Don’t stereotype Donald Trump supporters


Bloomberg via Getty Images

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is ostracized by the media for his slip ups, foreign policy and family matters without presenting the rest of his platform fairly. (Photo courtesy of Trump/Pence campaign)

Sabrina Lebeouf , Editor-in-Chief

Donald Trump deserves to taken seriously as a candidate for presidency, despite name calling from the media and the assumption that Trump supporters are racist and inflexible.
The media has constantly criticized Trump for his ideas of strict immigration reform without fairly covering the rest of his platform.
His plans for reconstructing veterans’ benefits are sidelined because the press would rather focus on his new ideas for reform or the times he has spoken incorrectly during interviews and speeches.
Unfortunately, this means that society is mistaking those who have done their research and support the rights of veterans for people who completely agree with his occasional inappropriate remarks. Instead, people should realize that supporters of Trump’s Veteran’s Affairs (VA) reforms are merely better advocates for the rights of veterans than supporters of Clinton’s VA reforms.
Clinton shares points with Trump in terms of potential changes, but Clinton generalizes her plans to help veterans receive better treatment, promising to “improve health care for women at the Veterans Health Administration” and continue “efforts to treat invisible wounds of war.”
Trump, on the other hand, plans to fix how women receive treatment as a separate issue from improving general health care. He is upfront about his specific plan to provide OB/GYN and other women’s services at every VA hospital. Taking into account the fact that women may have an OB/GYN of choice, he is willing to ensure that women veterans can use their veteran’s ID card to receive treatment from any OB/GYN in the community.
In addition, people tend to forget the fact that Trump has extensive knowledge on business and the economy when the media bombards them with stories that only highlight the negative aspects from Trump’s life. Currently, the United States has collected $19 trillion worth of debt. According to Trump, “Obamacare will cost the economy two million full time jobs over the next decade.” He plans to end Obamacare and create a replacement that is affordable for the economy.
While cutting costs, he wants to increase income by raising domestic production. In contrast, Clinton’s plans will only increase government spending, which will in turn cause greater debt for the country.
Another way in which Trump excels as a candidate is that he is less likely to have his platform influenced by external parties, such as lobbyists and special interest groups. He supports free enterprise and less market regulation.
Meanwhile, Clinton has ties to corporate giants, including General Electric, Exxon Mobil, Microsoft and Boeing, according to the Wall Street Journal. These companies, which she promoted as secretary of state, have donated to the Clinton foundation. This prompts the possibility of Clinton changing her platform to match the interests of those supporting her financially. By continuing her corrupt methods of escalating in the political community, Clinton is deeming herself unreliable.
With Clinton’s publicized actions of corruption, it should make sense that Clinton supporters would be associated as corrupt, scheming people. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Rather, only Trump supporters are being mocked for backing a candidate who has slip ups, as if Clinton has never messed up.
It would be logical to argue that Clinton supporters are hypocrites for criticizing the people who plan to vote for Trump. Voters are simply voters. They are not identical copies of the candidate they choose. Instead, they simply agree with the points that their candidate makes. Catcalling is more than inappropriate behavior for legal adults who are planning to choose the president of the United States for the next four years. It is childish and unnecessary. Let people vote for the platform they choose without shaming them.