Marvel movies are cinema

Popular movie franchise is action packed but still shows emotion.


Marvel’s infamous logo that fans and supporters can recognize from anywhere.

Justo Fernandez, Staff Writer

     The popular age of Marvel movies aren’t cinema according to prestigious directors such as Martin Scorcese and Francis Ford Coppola, but just because they’re the most desired genre of film doesn’t mean they have no heart.

     Scorcese is most known for the films of Raging Bull, Taxi Driver and Gangs of New York. Coppola has been hailed by critics and audiences for his groundbreaking Godfather trilogy. Their comments signify the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be too safe and lack any genuine emotion and danger in their storytelling. The stories may be formulaic, but are signative of traditional comic book themes and storylines.

     On the other hand, Marvel movies provide great escapism and pleasure for mass audiences around the world. Avengers Endgame recently made 2.79 Billion dollars at the box office and surpassed Avatar as the highest grossing movie of all time. There is no concrete correlation between box office and pristine cinema, but there is indeed a mass audience for these tenpole superhero flicks. 

     The main dividing factor about whether or not Marvel’s cinema comes from the notion that it’s a popular genre not unlike the spaghetti westerns back in the day. Popular blockbusters can have heart too as the MCU has time after time displayed. There will come a time when the superhero genre fades away in prominence, but that time has yet to come.

     It’s easy to get behind these directors because they’ve contributed to cinema in so many ways and have won numerous Academy awards for their work. Scorsese is a legend in the industry and hearing his stance on superhero flicks, fans fuel to the flame that they’re movies without a soul.

     Directors such as Scorsese come from a different time and environment where cinema was prospering with fresh and interesting ideas. As time passed, the emergence of the major blockbuster emerged and eventually the comic book movie took over. 

      The MCU isn’t going to bring home any Oscars or surpass the next Godfather, but it remains a treasure among fans and critics alike. There are now children growing up to love these heroes similar to how beloved the original Star Wars trilogy was when it started in the 70s.

     To name a few examples of the MCU providing heart and soul, look upon the very first Iron Man. The film portrays an egotistical billionaire who witnessing the horrific aspects of his profitable weapons, and thus becomes a selfless hero to right his past wrongs. The MCU continued to display the vulnerability and relatability of its heroes over the course of 10 years.

     Fans across the globe flocked to theaters for the climactic Avengers movies and even cried when the tough moments happened. If that isn’t the raw emotion and heart that makes cinema what it is then there isn’t much else to say. 

     Hollywood has been dominated by Marvel movies because they’re the biggest franchise in the world and clearly offer a formula that works. The MCU especially prospers while other similar franchises fail because they’re so approachable and entertaining for mainstream audiences. 

      Not all seems dire for more independent films as the release of Joker showed audiences how different these comic book movies can be. There can be room for more lighthearted MCU films and smaller, dramatic films without detracting from one another. Movie goers are smarter than some of these directors give them credit for and will be attracted to compelling storytelling and characters when they see them.

     The statements of Scorsese and others like him shouldn’t sway audiences away from the Marvel movies because they’re in a completely different ballpark than prestige dramatic films. The MCU isn’t ever going to surpass or live up to classic cinema, but as long as we can separate the two, the state of the film industry is well accounted for. The majority of fans and critics alike adore the marvel formula and the opinion of others shouldn’t prevent them from enjoying the films for the light entertainment they are.