Uber attempting to expand from the ground to the air

Uber air is a possibility for the future decade


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Airplane taking off over a building at an airport in France.

Anahit Hakobyan, Staff Writer

     Uber is planning on extending their company in 2023 to Uber Air, but they shouldn’t be expanding their company after seven years of poor treatment and lack of care toward Uber users.

      Uber wants to add a fast and affordable way to take a flight. The idea of  Uber Air is built on the average commute it takes to get to work, traffic congestion, and the amount of time you spend on the road. 

      Uber Air transportation plans on using an electric aircraft that doesn’t cause any disruption to the neighborhood. The vehicle that will be used for transporting is called a Vertical Takeoff And Landing. It will quickly transport people within suburbs and cities.      

     According to CNN there have been 5,981 sexual assaults in 2017-2018  with Uber drivers mistreating or taking advantage of passengers. If they plan to expand, they should be able to handle their drivers before handing jobs to pilots. 

      If Uber didn’t care enough to fix major issues concerning their drivers and passengers, they aren’t likely to care about issues that are going on in the air after they launch the extension. 

     Even though Uber is attempting to fix the issues now, it should have never been a problem in the first place. From the looks of it they are only in it for the money. 

   According to the New York Times in August of 2018 an Uber driver punched a former New Orleans EMT with no good reason.  According to the victim, Joe Canizaro, this driver was not qualified. 

      The driver was acting very aggressive when the passenger entered the car and after taking a detour, tension had built up throughout the ride, resulting in the assault. Instead of punishing the driver Uber blocked him from the application for being a bad passenger, when it should have been the other way around.

     Even after the growing number of tragedies that occur within their company Uber still wants to attempt taking over the transportation system.  

     The pilots that will be transporting passengers will have specific training requirements. According to Uber they will be required 500 hours of previous Visual Flight Rules experience as well as 1200 hours of Instrument Flight Rules. However, knowing the requirements, they worry that they will have a pilot shortage. This is why they are considering significantly reducing the requirements, but that isn’t the best option.  

     As the passenger it’s important to know that while you are thousands of feet up in the air, you’re safe with the pilot that’s flying you. It’s crucial to know that Uber doesn’t  just give out jobs to fill in for the lack of pilots. When the passenger gets picked up it shouldn’t be a game of luck hoping the pilot is completely qualified. 

        If  Uber really plans to make this big expansion to the company then they should take extra precaution to ensure that all their passengers will feel safe and comfortable with a pilot that can meet the requirements. 

      The idea is good, but how it will be executed is questionable. Uber should work to perfect the current transportation system  before considering taking such a big step into the future.