Valentine’s Day and how to celebrate

Students debate how to spend the most romantic day of the year


C. P. Storm

Chocolate is a common gift for this holiday

Drake Chambless, Staff Writer

     Valentine’s Day divides its celebrants into two distinct groups: those who are single and those who are taken.

     This holiday is filled with love in which couples share feelings and gifts with each other. The relationship side of this argument seems to take priority, likely because couples feel just a bit more cherished during the day celebrating their commitment and love.

     With the circumstances the world is in right now, many people have lost their jobs, and unemployment rates have skyrocketed. This leaves people with less money to spend for fun. A majority of people in relationships have to spend money on their significant others, which can add up and affect the way people connect with each other this Valentine’s.

     With that said, there are only a few people committed to a relationship and powering through this year and the pandemic. Though it might be difficult and stressful, these people make it work.

     With students taking sides of the debate, opinions are thrown out and shared to defend each side.

     “I would want to be single, because then you can pick whoever you want to spend Valentine’s with,” junior Reed Sinclair said.

     Although being single is certainly a positive thing for some, being in a relationship guarantees that you will have someone to spend the holiday with. 

     “Well I think being in a relationship is better, because of the gifts you get from your significant other” senior Olivia Corrado said. 

     The entirety of Valentine’s day is based on love. But if looked at differently, it can simply be about people spending time with what they love. Although people in relationships are spending time with their significant other because that is what they love, those who cherish something that is not just a relationship should be taken into account as well. 

     There can be pressure to have a “perfect” Valentine’s day, for both those that are single or in a relationship. However, it seems spending time with someone, whether it is romantic or platonic, is the preferred way to spend this holiday.