Student Review: Cafeteria Food

Student’s (not so) hot takes on cafeteria food at Plano

Casey Cavanaugh

     School cafeteria food has been a debate among students, parents and faculty alike for decades. The overall sentiment of students toward cafeteria food tends to be slightly negative, and students are outspoken about their feelings on the matter.

     “It’s not the best,” junior Simal Jiwa said. “It’s been the same since elementary and I think there’s not much to choose from, it’s kinda similar every day. [The quality of the food is] not good.”

     While most students had a negative opinion of the food, one Plano Senior High School student had something more positive to say.

      “It’s definitely edible,” senior Zach Sliepka said. “I would say that with the many options you’re probably going to get one that you like.”

     There are folks on the complete opposite side of the spectrum who have an incredible distaste for the food..

      “It’s gross, disgusting.” junior Jennifer Prado said. “[The food selection] it’s also really bad. We have pizza every day.”

     The United States Department of Agriculture is offering all students free lunch through June 30, 2022. This gave one student cause to give the quality and selection of school food some allowances.

     “ It’s good enough. It’s free so I can’t complain much but it’s really not that good,” senior Alex Hraha said. “The selection isn’t too good as well, but when it’s free and there’s a budget, you get what you get, you know?”

     Not all students think this way.

     “It’s nasty,” senior Chanel Chi said. “[The food quality is] not good. There’s a good amount of selection, just not good food.”

     Some students are even suspicious of the food however maintain a relatively neutral opinion of PSHS cuisine.

     “Mediocre, but serviceable,” senior Zachary Brown said. “It’s alright.”

     Senior Jenna Burnett seems to bring together the overall feel of the student opinion of the school’s food, as well as bring up the health aspect of the food kids eat.

     “There’s a couple things that are okay, but for the most part it’s pretty gross,” Burnett said. “There’s a pretty good selection, and a lot of variety, it’s just there’s not as much stuff that is really good. I mean, they always have a fruit and a vegetable, but the main sides are not super healthy.”

     While there is no word of a changing school menu, the overall student opinion of the food is not a positive one. The food selection of the school cafeteria is clearly unsatisfactory to the students themselves. This may call for a change of direction with the food provided since most teens dislike the fare at Plano Senior.