Wendy Wang aims to give back


Senior Wendy Wang plans to pursue a career in computer science. (Photo by Ted Wu)

Ted Wu, Staff Writer/Sports Editor

Wendy Wang, senior, loves her community more than life itself, evidenced by her four years of participation and leadership in Habitat for Humanity, an organization that builds houses for those in need.
“Habitat is a club that can go places,” Wang said. “It makes a tangible, concrete impact by actually building houses for those in need.”
She dedicates almost all her spare time to giving back to those around her, serving as an officer in Habitat for Humanity, Key Club, Spanish Club and the Outreach Movement.
“Most of my activities relate to service, because as juniors and seniors, it is easy to get bogged down in school,” Wang said. “We oftentimes fail to realize our potential to impact the world around us, forgetting that time is what you make of it.”
When senior year began, however, the extracurricular load combined with her AP coursework led to stress.
“When school started, there was a lot on my plate,” Wang said. “Deadlines for clubs, coursework and of course, college applications were difficult at times to keep track of. It was a stressful, few months.”
However, she persevered in the face of an enormous set of expectations made by herself and others.
“My ability to self-motivate is critical, because so much of what I do requires me to push myself,” Wang said. “My best friend inspires me to keep pushing onwards with her positivity, though, and keeps me grounded when I need to be.”
As some of her college decisions approach, she is keeping a positive attitude and looks forward to a career she can relate to giving back.
“I’ve learned to let things go, because there is no reason we should allow negativity to take over our lives,” Wang said. “I’ll be majoring in computer science regardless of where I go, and hopefully I can give back through my career, maybe through teaching and advocating for young women in computer science.”