Planoettes Spring Show review

Anna Villano, Staff Writer

Full of energy and passion, the drill team kicked off their three-day show with a bang. A Moment in Time was the theme for this year’s well-executed Planoette Spring Show. Routines surrounding ideas about reminiscing and loving every minute of every day left parents, alumni and friends in the audience pleased. Performances will continue until Saturday, April 12.

With an upbeat opener, the Planoettes demanded the attention of the audience right off the bat. Flashing lights that corresponded with the quick beats of the music had everyone mesmerized. Dancers flowed on and off stage with ease, making the transitions within the song fluid and well-organized. Performances done by Clark’s and Vines’ officers soon followed. The incorporation of the feeder schools showed the undeniable potential of the incoming dancers and gave off a sense of unity and camaraderie among the Plano cluster.

The show’s emcees were juniors Jason Head and Tanner Dillon. The two introduced each routine creatively, whether it was with puns, personal anecdotes or freestyle raps that related to the upcoming performances. Laughter filled the crowd, making the transitions between dances easy and far from awkward.

Costumes and props also played an essential part to the Planoettes’ success. The high-waisted striped pants worn during one of the kick routines added dimension to the piece and made the movements bold and hypnotizing. The pom routines that later followed were full of flair – the added sparkle made the crisp military movements even more aesthetically pleasing.

About halfway through, the show experienced some technical difficulties. During the performance “End of Time,” the music suddenly shut off. One would expect the dancers to be completely thrown off their groove after facing a hiccup in the system, but the exact opposite occurred. None of the performers had any sign of confusion – each and every dancer continued the routine as if the music was still playing full blast. Some of the audience took up the part of Beyoncé and continued singing the lyrics to the song, while others gave hoots and hollers of encouragement. Although they had the chance to perform the routine again with music, they really didn’t have to. The misstep showed that the Planoettes have a great deal of poise and really know what they are doing.

Special performances were sprinkled throughout the last half of the show. Solos from the senior officers were dramatic and impressive, definitely showcasing the skill that had no doubt contributed to getting them their officer positions. All of the seniors also had the chance to show off where they got their talents in the daddy-daughter dance that warmed the hearts of everyone watching.

Near the close of the show, the recaps began. The Maroon Guard was an unforgettable part of the show. Seniors Trey Mott and Namair Rashid reenacted the previous performances with their interpretations of them. The light-hearted parodies of the girls’ dance moves sparked laughter throughout the audience and summarized the night well. Later on, a montage of Planoette memories was projected on the screen of the auditorium. Clips from football games and competitions created a nostalgic environment and was a great way to ease the show to its close.

The Planoettes began and ended the opening night of their annual Spring Show strong. The final routine, with the classic kick lines and costumes, reflected just as much energy as the first performance, if not more. Throughout the entire show, the dancers showed the great sophistication and drive that earned them the nickname, “The Pride of Plano.”