Get Golf Right

Abby Rener, Staff Writer

     There has always been a debate whether golfers are athletes. When you watch a tournament on television, it looks like a lot of them spend more time at the snack machines than the weight machines. According to junior Jack McCoy, that stereotype is outdated.

     Being on varsity golf team, not only do you have to put time into working on your putting, chipping, and driving skill, but you also have to work on conditioning just like all the other varsity athletes.

     “We have to do hours of a multi muscle workouts that exercises your abs, leg muscles, and biceps,” McCoy said.

     Starting golf at age 11, McCoy participated in many junior tournaments that led him to be on varsity today

      “My brother, my dad and my grandfather all played golf,” McCoy said. “When my dad decided to get me lessons, I was anxious to start. It is a simply something we can all do together; I’m glad it just stuck with me.”

     Five years later, McCoy goes to extremes to qualify for the varsity tournaments. He practices at least two hours a day after school. Part of the drill is to make the number of strokes the coach tells you to.

     “Shooting the goal number set by our coach qualifies us for varsity and the different tournaments we compete in,” McCoy said.

     Right now, he is working his hardest to maintain his varsity status and achieving to make it to all the tournaments he possibly can this season. One of his goals this year was to make varsity, but what about his goals for the future?

     For now, he is taking one step at a time. McCoy said, I’m hoping to make it through college with a scholarship and if the time comes, go professional.”