Basketball: JV Boys Plano vs. West

J.P. Salazar, Staff Writer

On Friday Jan. 13 the boys junior varsity basketball team lost their home game against West with a score of 50-62.  This puts the team at a total of five wins and seven losses for their 2011-2012 season.

The games first half ended with a score of 15-24 in favor West. The game started out even in the first quarter but a three pointer by one of the West basketball players put them ahead at seven-ten. After this point, Plano never led the game.

Plano was defeated in every quarter, points wise, and was just out played by the West team. Plano committed more fouls, as is evident by the 23 free throws West got to shoot vs. the 17 that Plano did.

Plano’s team seemed more balanced because of the lower range between total points that the players scored. Only one player on the Plano team reached a double digit point score,#22 sophomore  Jason Bardgett, while on the West team two players accrued points in the double digits.

Point guards junior David Bloom and senior Zach Morrow scored the most points in the second half and kept the score moving. Bloom made all of his six free throws during the second half while Morrow also made six points in the last half of the game.