The road to playoffs: The softball team’s season ends in defeat

Maddie Patton, Staff Writer

     Nearing the end of their season, the softball team faced Hebron in hopes of making it to state. However, during the third round, after a long fight, the team will not be advancing on to the rest of playoffs.

     Plano held their defense of the bases, keeping the score 0-to-0 until the fourth inning when senior MacKenzie Velasquez scored the first run of the game.

     “We are a very strong all-around team, which I think contributes so much to our success,” senior Chelsea Sartor said, “there are no holes in our defense and offense.”

     When Hebron stepped up to bat during the fifth inning, Plano still blocked all runs. At the end of the fifth inning, Plano had another run, bringing the score to 2-to-0 in favor of Plano.

    As the game neared the end, Hebron stepped up their batting line-up and brought in four runs, leaving Plano two points behind. Plano was unable to gain any more runs in the final inning, and the final strike out of Plano ended their undefeated record against Hebron. For Sartor, her final year playing for Plano will be a year to remember.

     “We worked so hard to get here and it is a memory I will never forget,” Sartor said.