First district football win


Photo by Maddie Patton

Maddie Patton, Sports Writer

At the Pink Out game on Friday Oct. 13, the team played against McKinney High School. The stadium was packed with students decked out in pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month. The Planoettes brought their adorable “Future Planoettes” to join them on the field at the beginning of the game. During the pre-season, Plano won three of five games. Their two disappointing losses against Hebron and Marcus pushed the team to defeat McKinney this week.

Senior Michael Crawford caught the kick-off, bringing the Wildcats up to a good field position toward the end zone. During the next play, some major mistakes were made. The ball was hiked to the quarterback, senior Richard Lagow. He then threw the ball to senior Corey Robertson, but he missed the pass and fumbled the ball. Plano quickly gained yardage toward the end-zone. After what seemed like a tug-of-war of the field, senior Andre Morman made the first touchdown of the game. The crowd went crazy, boosting the players’ morale. Next, a 24-yard field goal by senior Jourdan Escobar put Plano in a 10-to-nothing lead. The defense slowed McKinney’s offense with powerful tackles and stops. The first quarter was a high-energy start. However, the home team had several incomplete plays and fumbles. The defense was relentless against McKinney.

During the second quarter, it felt like the announcer was saying “Plano, first down” every five seconds. Plano was gaining yardage very quickly. McKinney scored the first touchdown of the quarter. However, senior Braylan Campbell led the game with 113 yards. The defense of our end-zone was strong still, as the boys forced their way down field. The second touchdown was made by Lagow and a good kick from Escobar, bringing the score 17-to-14. Lagow made his second touchdown, and sophomore Mitchell Hansen caught a pass and ran to make the last scoring play of the half. Plano had the lead with 24 points.

Escobar began the second half with a kickoff, already pushing Plano down the field. Campbell continued to carry the ball down field, advancing the team towards the end-zone. There were many flags on the field for both teams – but McKinney was guilty of the most false starts at the line of scrimmage. Plano received a punt from McKinney and ran another 10 yards for another first down.

The fourth quarter started with Plano on offense; they fumbled the ball in the first few seconds. McKinney then fumbled back to Plano on the same play. The team advanced quickly down the field, blocking every chance they could of McKinney scoring. Plano did a great job keeping momentum and speed while covering the opponent. Senior Brian Hanks made his way in the game with a tackle, giving Plano the ball. The final quarter went by very quickly because the boys kept the ball going and kept their game clean. An incomplete pass by McKinney in the end-zone brought the game to a close with a score of 38-to-21. The game was close the entire time, but Plano kept their defense strong and never backed down. The players all gathered around the senior section for the final playing of our alma mater. Let me just say how good it felt to finally shout “seniors” during the song.

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2012 Varsity Schedule

10/19 vs Mckinney Boyd @ Clark 7:30 – Homecoming

10/26 vs East @ Clark 7:30

11/2 vs West @ Clark 7:30

11/9 vs Allen @ Allen Stadium 7:30